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3 “Super Simple Ways” To Banish That Belly Fats

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Being fat has long been identified as a common problem among those who struggle to lose weight. Little we know that everybody has a belly fat, even the people with flat abs.

These abdominal fats are consists of both the subcutaneous and visceral fats.  The subcutaneous fats are the layer of fats right under the skin which promotes body insulation while the deep belly fat or the latter surrounds the internal organs that provide cushions.

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Having an excessive amount of visceral fats is considered as a culprit to the development of cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers, and diabetes.

Both the caloric intake and the energy used by the body largely influenced the development of belly fat. The expanding waistline also indicates a substantial deposit of visceral fats. In this case, poor diet associated with unhealthy lifestyle, as main causes of a quick fat build up.

The precise and simplest way to determine the possibility of too much fat deposit is through the measurement of waist and the hip. Ideally, women’s healthy waist size is less than 35 inches and should be less than 40 inches for men.

Other methods to find out the health risk of carrying excess body fat in the middle part is through the waist to hip ratio. It can be done by dividing the waist and hip size. A ratio of 1.0 or more in men or 0.85 or more in women indicates an increased risk of diseases.

The body shape will also help determine the risk of developing diseases. The apple body shape indicates an excess abdominal fat. However, the pear shape may be manifested by an excess fat around the bottom and the thighs.

You can tone abdominal muscles with crunches or other targeted abdominal exercises, but just doing these exercises won’t get rid of belly fat. However, visceral fat does respond to the same diet and exercise strategies that can help you shed excess pounds and lower your total body fat. To battle the bulge:

  • Eat a healthy diet. Emphasize plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and choose lean sources of protein and low-fat dairy products. Limit saturated fat, found in meat and high-fat dairy products, such as cheese and butter. Choose moderate amounts of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats — found in fish, nuts and certain vegetable oils — instead.
  • Keep portion sizes in check. Even when you’re making healthy choices, calories add up. At home, slim down your portion sizes. In restaurants, share meals — or eat half your meal and take the rest home for another day.
  • Include physical activity in your daily routine. For most healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends moderate aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, for at least 150 minutes a week or vigorous aerobic activity, such as jogging, for at least 75 minutes a week. In addition, strength training exercises are recommended at least twice a week. If you want to lose weight or meet specific fitness goals, you might need to exercise more. Source: MayoClinic

If you have that undesirable excess belly fats, you can just follow the above 3 simple ways to get rid of it.

Good luck!

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