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The 4 Step Approach To Balanced Fitness

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It’s hard to stay fit. Hours sitting at a desk during the day. Taking care of the kids at night. Endless running around, to and from work or school.

If that’s not enough, you’ve got to make sure you watch what you eat! One week, carbs are bad. The next, you’ve got to boost your protein. The week after that, you need to load up on Vitamin C.

Everyone seems to have their own system or ‘formula’ for weight loss, and it’s enough to make your head spin.

So, rather than be one of those people who’s telling you what you should be doing to get in shape, I’m just going to share my little 4-step process. It’s worked pretty well for me so far, when combined with a few supplements – Slim Trim 2000 and Forskothin.

Step 1: Make Up Your Mind

It’s easy to say that you want to get in shape because summer is almost here, or you’ve got a wedding to go to.  It’s a different thing to make up your mind and decide that you want to lose weight.

Most of the people I have the pleasure of talking to fall into that first category.  They’d like to get in shape or drop a few pounds, but they aren’t committed enough to doing anything about it.

Hopefully, that’s not you!  Once you decide, in your mind, that you’re going to make your health a priority, you’ll find that things will start falling into place rather quickly.

The reason doesn’t matter.  You might want to get in shape because you get winded chasing your kids or you want to go the beach and not be embarrassed.  Or maybe you just want some extra energy or to feel better getting out of bed.

Either way, the first step is to decide that you want and start to take steps to get there!

Step 2: Write Down Your Goal

The second thing that you must do is figure out exactly what your goals are, and write them down.  They can be BIG.  They can be small.  The important thing is that you write them down.

You want to make sure they’re as ‘quantifiable’ as possible with a time or a date set.  For example:

  • Be able to jog down to the end of the block without being winded by February 18th.
  • Lose 25 pounds by May 4th.
  • Gain 10 pounds of lean muscle by November 4th
  • Fit into my wedding dress by August 22nd

You get the idea.  Make sure to describe exactly what you want to achieve, and give it a deadline so that you can strive to reach it!

Step 3: Make Time For Activity

Even if it’s just 15 minutes a day, before bed or right after you wake up…  Make some time for doing SOMETHING physical.  It can be walking up and down your basement steps for 15 minutes or doing some pushups in your bedroom.

If you haven’t even though about working out in a long time, you’ll notice a next to immediate difference.  Not only will you be sore, but you’ll start feeling better about yourself pretty quickly!

Not only will it improve your mood, but you’ll start finding yourself choosing healthier food options and eating less – almost subciouciously!  That’s powerful thing…

We’ve actually got a free report on 5 low-budget workouts that you can do, starting right now!

Step 4: Clean Up Your Diet

The last step is to clean up what’s going into your body.  Again, you don’t need to do much here to make a dramatic difference.

One of my favorite tips that I’ve ever received was to stay around the outside of the grocery store, with the produce, meats, dairy, etc.  All of the fatty, bad foods can be found on the interior of the grocery store, on the shelves.

So, rather than shop from the isles, shop around the perimeter of the store!  It’s a simple check, but will work wonders.

Secondly, make sure to take the right supplements.  The two I take are Slim Trim 2000 and Forskothin.  The first is a weight management support system, and the second is a detox which is imperative to clean out your system from all the harmful stuff that you’ve ingested!

Where To Go From Here…

From here, it’s important to make time to exercise and keep working toward the goal that we wrote down in Step 2.  By reading that goal, and reinforcing it in your mind, you’ll be well on your way to making it come true!

And, if you hit a roadblock, don’t worry.  Tomorrow is another day!  Just keep at it!

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