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5K Running Guide for Absolute Beginners

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Happiness consists in activity. It is running steam, not a stagnant pool.

– John Mason Good


Are you really planning on running comes spring, a 5K to raise money? Or are you challenging yourself to get as a party of how much you have come toward reaching your fitness goals through a 5K? The great news is the fact that a 5K runs is very achievable, and in less time than you may believe! This simple 5K jogging guide for complete beginners will allow you to get across that finish line.

The running guide below is an ideal starting point for you if you are a newbie runner. Over the very first couple of weeks of training, our focus will stay on cardio- muscle building and walking.

5K Jogging Guide for Complete Beginners

You read that right. You can be geared to run 5K in two months time even if you are just a complete beginner! Read on for our simple and quick guide to the running program:

  • Walk like you were running at a quick speed, with arms at about chest level, swinging them front to back. This exercise can help you facilitate towards reaching 5K.
  • Enhance your power that is jogging by preparing with other forms of exercises, such as: swimming, cycling, and the like. These workouts build endurance and the strength which will get you prepared to run.

Cross training is participating in another sporting activity to compliment your primary sport, in this case your running.  So, what can we do?  Swimming, Cycling and Gym work are the obvious choices. 

I’ll start with swimming.  A lot of us runners swim like stones which makes a few lengths even more of an aerobic challenge.  Once you have mastered a continuous swim of say 1km in the pool it is time to have some fun and do things that are just plain hard when running.  By this I mean, high intensity reps with minimal recovery time.  As swimming is zero impact you can manage more high intensity, more often and with shorter recovery.  A session like 300m warm up, 5 x 100m at max pace with 30 sec recovery and 300m warm down will get the blood pumping but not leave you wrecked for days like a running track session may. Credits: Cross Training and how it can benefit your running. : Brooks Blog

  • Do cardio run or walk in a few miles. At the beginning of the very first week, you will cardio walk only 1 mile. Over the remaining weeks, you will slowly raise until you have worked up to that 3.1 mile/5K target.
  • Running a 5K needs endurance and muscle strength. Strength training like push-ups, setups, and the like are essentials in this running program for complete beginners, in order that you tone the muscles you will need to take to the finish line.

Strength training in the gym should be the runner’s best friend.  Old fashioned core work will keep you in alignment when running and improve your biomechanics in each step.  Pilates and Yoga are also awesome supplements to your running program and promote strength and flexibility which are both critical to running fast and injury free. Credits: Cross Training and how it can benefit your running. : Brooks Blog

Keep your body fueled correctly so you possess the energy to finish that 5K.

Now that you have appropriate knowledge and guide for the preparation of your 5K run, you are prepared to begin training. In just a couple of months, impress friends members and your family members with your new accomplishment!

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