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All-In-One Total Body Workout

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Who has time to have workout everyday in the gym? Barely anyone. We would like you to have this All In One Complete Body Work Out to remember you’re getting the most burning advantages for your body. It will allow you to develop both upper and lower body strength and saves time in the fitness center!

When you can work out at home, there’s no excuse for not breaking a sweat. (Plus, you don’t have to worry about looking your best post-workout.) The best news: With the right equipment, you can torch serious calories and tone up fast—all from the comfort of your living room. But first, you need to go shopping. That’s right, we’re giving you an excuse to splurge. So what should you purchase? Pick up one of these four, versatile tools, which all work in multiple ways to sculpt your body from head to toe and you may be reconsidering that pricey monthly membership. Credits: At-Home Total-Body Workout Equipment of the Future – Shape …

This isn’t a magic quick fix for a super-smart bod.

Gear Needed: a yoga mat or any soft surface to work out on, set of weights like around 10-15 lbs, and a time interval.

Things you need to do: set your time interval like 30 seconds for workout and 10 seconds for rest. You do 2 complete body exercises that starts with a plyometric exercise. Get the most gains from this All In One Complete Body Work Out by doing it 3 times weekly.

Note: Remember to switch sides for the Weighted Woodchop exercises and also the Dumbbell Lunge-Lateral Raise.

Why waste hours toiling away on one little muscle at a time when you can target three in one fell swoop? Make these multi-tasking moves a mainstay of your workout: Each one simultaneously hits your arms, abs, and glutes, so you’ll get total-body results in a fraction of the workout time. All you need is a mat, a Swiss ball, and some dumbbells. Credits: 9 Total-Body Exercises that Tone Your Arms, Abs, and Butt – Shape


Circuit 1

  • Burpees
  • Squat-Press
  • Dumbbell Lunge-Lateral Raise


Circuit 2

  • Star Jumps
  • Push-Up with Leg Lifts
  • Goblet Squat


Circuit 3

  • Plank Jacks
  • Deadlift-Bicep Curl
  • Weighted Woodchop

This fat-blasting workout video, created for POPSUGAR Fitness by Andrea Orbeck, will work your entire body in 10 minutes. Andrea has trained many Victoria’s Secret models — who will film the annual fashion show tomorrow that will air Dec. 10 — and now she’ll train you in the comfort of your living room, no props needed. So no excuses! Credits: Victoria’s Secret Model’s Full-Body Workout | POPSUGAR Fitness


See the videos below for right demonstration:






Dumbell Lunge-Lateral Raise:


Star Jumps:


Push-Up with Leg Lifts:


Goblet Squat:


Plank Jacks:


Deadlift-Bicep Curl:


Weighted Woodchop:

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