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Are You Measuring A Woman’s Worth By Her Clothes? Don’t!

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Are You Measuring A Woman’s Worth By Her Clothes? Don’t!

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Our society has a set of rules and standards. Part of this is the accumulative society impressions on the clothing people are wearing.

We will now focus on how society seemingly measuring the woman’s worth according to the clothes that she wears.

A Swiss human rights organization, Terre Des Femmes, created an ad campaign that is quite effective in shifting the perception of each individual person on their pre-judgemental outlook towards a woman’s worth by her clothes preference.

To some, heels of a certain height or skirts of a certain length denote that the wearer must be promiscuous. These “measuring sticks,” however, show just how absurd these measurements seem when removed from their context – regardless of what you think about someone’s clothes, the person wearing them is still a person and should be treated as such.

The ad was design by Theresa Wlokka (art director), Frida Regeheim (copywriter), and other students at the Miami Ad School in Hamburg, Germany.

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So the next time around you meet a woman wearing a sexy clothing, never presume that she is up for any romantic advances. Know her deeply and you will understand that your first impression of her is way off and that woman deserves respect.

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