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A flat belly is the goal of many women. It is one of the most challenging trouble spots on the body and can leave …

Jessie Hilgenberg is an IFBB Figure Pro, successful fitness model, team NLA for Her & athlete, registered yoga instructor, health & fitness coach, …

Cheryl Blythe, told ‘to lose weight or die’ due to her ailments relating to her being obese. She’s suffering from various diseases and was subjected …

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I have a confession to make. Nothing gives me good comfort and let me enjoy the simple pleasures in life than skimming through the …

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Yes, you heard it right, this information can change your life for the better. Ever come to a point where you believe that there is no way to treat your varicose veins?

If yes, then this article is perfect for you!

The veins are blood vessels that pump blood up to the heart. In varicose veins, if the valves don’t work properly, the blood pools and cause the veins to stretch. Prominently common among those who are getting older, women, during pregnancy, obese, lack of exercise, and might as well run in the family.

If you are to choose between chemical based and natural skin care, for sure you will go for the latter. The reason is pretty simple – it is a natural way and thus, safe.

Well, is it really safe? Not all. Mind you, there are natural skin care that we thought are safe but are not.

The most prone to unsafe natural skin care are the ones that are being commercialized – skin care products we buy that say they are safe and effective.

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Depression is a mental illness commonly influenced by an imbalance diet. Although its cause is derived from numerous factors, certain foods consumed in excessive amounts like high-fructose corn syrup, sugars, fats, alcohol and caffeine are scientifically linked.

If you have not picked your Halloween costume out by now, you are probably clambering to discover some frightful Halloween make-up thoughts for the …

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How frequently do you look in the mirror? Beautiful? Assured? Or do you see only defects? At just the time Kjerstin Gruys needed to …

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We have rounded up some of the best costume mishaps you have to do everything in your capacity to avoid this year.

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