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Some people always checking the instagram updates of their celebrity idols. Some just check it when celebrity posts going viral and they see it …

Within minutes following the city’s tourism bureau declared Swift as the promotional face in the Big Apple on Monday, the choice mocked and was …

On Thursday she was able to get in a few quick changes – for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live – with three distinct …

This just in: Arguably the greatest story to come out of the 21st Elle girls in Hollywood Awards

Disney has unveiled its new animated film Moana – due to hit theaters in 2016.

A decade-long silence has broken to declare her effort to stop the poisonous culture of web shaming of cyberbullying today.

Among the most famous games on Android and iPhone cellphones is a Kim Kardashian simulator.

Despite dating Tommy Hilfiger’s son Ricky, and moving forward since breaking from Calvin, she is not convinced it occurred yet.