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Cooking Methods That Will Make A Difference to Your Weight

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Cutting down the calories from fat and getting enough nutrients in cooking is still a big challenge to maintain a healthy weight.

But you don’t have to be an accomplished cook to create a low-fat, healthful cuisine that taste great. Various cooking techniques can be use in order to get the most nutritional value of food without giving up the flavor.

Cooking Methods That Will Make A Difference to Your Weight From Now On


The food is cook even without using any oil. It is perfect for cooking delicate foods like most vegetables, white meat fowl, and fish. The flavor of the food is still retained because the food is not immersed in water. Steaming preserves up to 50% more nutrients. The water is heated past the 212°F mark, then, it stops being water and turns into steam. It is a technique that employs hot steam to conduct the heat to the food item.

Stir frying

Cooking at a very high heat is the essence of stir frying. A little oil is needed in which food is uniformly cut into thin strips, dice, chop and slice. Wok is commonly use in stir frying. Its curved shape and high sides prevents the food from sticking with a continuous stirring and sometimes tossing motion of the food.

Pressure cooking

A short cooking time is required for this method which preserves the nutrients better. It is ideally use for tough meats, fruit and nuts to more digestible. A pot outfitted with a locking lid cooks healthfully by creating steam under pressure, thereby raising the cooking temperature which intensifies the flavor of the food.

Broiling and grilling

It can be done through electric/gas indoor grill or on charcoal.  High heat from the grill seals in the moisture and keeps food tender so there’s no need to add oil or butter. The food will turn out crisp & fragrant. It exposed food to direct heat which will drain off the extra fat from meat. It works well with meat, seafood, poultry, vegetables and even in some fruits.

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