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Is Your Dating Life Feeling Dull, Stale or Stuck? Switch it up

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dating life is boring

I thought I’d discuss the post in a website for your worth too as I was posting a word to the ladies in the Healthy Relationship Challenge tonight. Occasionally things can feel stale in your dating life. Perhaps, you’re online dating and online dating and online dating. Below are some new and fresh ideas to try, if matters are beginning to feel stale, dull or stuck in your dating life.

Imagine this… you spend hours setting up an account on a dating sites, writing your personal description, picking and posting your photos, even revealing your innermost thoughts and dreams … and, in return, you get nothing more than 100 uninspired emails from loser guys asking things like “How was your weekend?”

Welcome to the online dating life of an attractive woman.

Questions like the “how was your weekend” one are uninspired. They are unimaginative. They are LAZY. And, until “laziness” becomes a quality women are seeking, you’ve got to do better. Your e-mails need to be tailored not only in terms of content, but also in structure and length. If a girl’s profile is written likeWar & Peace, your message to her doesn’t have to be a novel, but it had better have some meat to it.“What’s up?” will not cut it. Credits: How To Not Be Boring In Your Online Messages – Virtual Dating …

If online dating is working for you, keep doing it. Consider cancelling your subscription for a couple of months and take a brand new action somewhere else if online dating does not appear to be working.

With more and more people relying on online dating to meet a partner, the act of online dating also gets studied more and more. Here are 11 revelations from recent studies. Credits: 11 Results from Studies About Online Dating | Mental Floss

For example: what new hobby do you want to take up – Learning a language? Taking a dance class? Have you ever been on vacation on your own? (Yes…that may sound somewhat frightening, but scary can be good. It means you’re stretching yourself. I went by myself on vacation, and it absolutely was yummy me time, and you could meet with, who knows who)

At the beginning of the relationship, your boyfriend probably went out of his way to be nice to you.

He didn’t just make you happy, he probably awed you with his awesomeness.

He was sweet. He was caring. He was reckless and adventurous. And most importantly, he was always proactive and fun.

And lazy and boring? Well, those were the last words you could think of to define him. Credits: Is Your Boyfriend Getting Lazy and Boring? – Lovepanky

If you’re it time to take a rest, and let the universe bring her or him right to you personally? Occasionally shifting matters entirely can change your energy, your view of life, how you think about yourself as well as your conditions.

My purpose is, look to see what would be totally crazy for you or at least creative and new. Ask a guy that is HOT outside. Walk as much as a gorgeous woman. Go to a restaurant you’ve been dying to try to dress up. Take a Tantra course. Treat yourself to that special something you’ve desired for quite a long time. I’d like to hear some notions and activities? I am heading to Austria tomorrow (I know… rough life). What could you do add a small zip to your dating life and to switch it up?


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