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Kiss Belly Fat Adieu

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Have you fallen victim to some of the hyped-up gimmicks that profess to easily get rid of belly fat? That’s why we sometimes need to be reminded of the BEST ways to lose fat. Seriously!

To kick start it: Don’t listen to the ads and commercial promises… and while you’re at it, stop listening to the scale, too. Sometimes obsessing over those numbers does nothing but hurt your efforts.

It’s easier to remember the some good tips as the Six ‘P’s … Posture, Practice, Practicality, Portions, Push-ups, Professional.

Even if you haven’t lost it yet, keeping your shoulders back increases your virtual height, making you look thinner. It also requires the use of those stomach muscles you’re trying to tone.

Practice: The routine of practicing cardio regularly is key in loosing fat. Make sure you pick a practical schedule and can stick to it—cardio is essential!

Practicality: Don’t trust the stickers on the box, all the bold, colorful labeling like, “NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP”! Turn the the box around and read the ingredients label. You can almost be certain there is sugar in one form or another in the ingredients. Don’t be fooled by advertising.

Portions: Know your portion sizes and stick to them. Eating portions about the size of your palm is a good practice to begin and stick to. The Skinny Plate Challenge is an excellent start.

Push-Ups: They’re practically perfect in every way! And if you do them properly, they can tone more than just your core. Push-ups works virtually every major muscle group!

Professional: Still struggling? Splurge on a professional trainer or drop by your physician’s office. It could be well worth your time

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