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Now You Can Have Your Natural Skin Care Done Safely

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If you are to choose between chemical based and natural skin care, for sure you will go for the latter. The reason is pretty simple – it is a natural way and thus, safe.

Safe Natural Skin Care

Well, is it really safe? Not all. Mind you, there are natural skin care that we thought are safe but are not.

The most prone to unsafe natural skin care are the ones that are being commercialized – skin care products we buy that say they are safe and effective.

Wrinkle-free and glowing skin forever: the absolute dream of every person who cares about beauty! You are subjected to splashy ads everywhere that promise to make it happen for you and to turn back the clock if you use their products. And nowadays, many people mistakenly think the higher the price and the presence of exotic new chemicals in the skin care product, the better performing the product. However, the real truth is those chemicals only harm your skin in the long run and price has little or nothing at all to do with efficacy in the context of beauty. Now you can discover the real secret of beauty with Face Naturals- the best natural skin care products for everyday use. Credits: Why you should consider ditching conventional skin care

There are many studies that prove about the long-term danger of natural skin care products the we buy over the counter.

Hence, we will be sharing to you some safe natural skin care that you can start using safely for your beautiful skin.

Meet Them – Delicious And Skin Beneficial

Don’t let rabbits only benefit from carrots!

Oils are saving our skin one drop at time. Coconut, avocado and rose hip oils have all had their time in the spotlight. But one that’s flown under the radar for decades is carrot oil. In fact, you probably have on a skin-care product with carrot oil in it right now and you had no idea. So why is it worth using?

Carrot oil, like whole raw carrots, is loaded with beta-carotene and, therefore, vitamin A. Amandine Isnard, head of product development for cult skin-care brand Eve Lom, explains: “Beta-carotene converts to vitamin A when applied topically, as the necessary enzymes and conditions for this process are also present in the skin.” Credits: Why Carrot Oil Should Be In Your Skincare Routine |

Why are avocados so awesome?

Well, they’re delicious, for one! But that’s not why we’re including them in this face mask. Avocado contains vitamins A and E, so it’s high in antioxidants and can help repair the skin. Because of avocado’s high fat content, this wonderfully creamy fruit is moisturizing, hydrating, and nourishing for the skin, making it perfect for dry, aging, and dehydrated skin. Credits: Natural Skin Care: Avocado Honey Face Mask – Nature’s Nurture

Another very important thing to look for in clean, natural skin care includes essential oils. Essential oils are the fragrant components of plants– leaves, roots, flowers and fruits– and they offer a bounty of healing benefits for our bodies. Essential oils are highly concentrated in both fragrance and potency, and using them can benefit all your health and healing practices. Onysko says that essential oils, “are some of the most bioavailable topicals we can apply to our skin, [and] their benefits are vast.” Credits: How to Choose Natural & Safe Ingredients For Beautiful Skin – Care2





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