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Terrible Halloween Beauty Blunders

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halloween makeup mistakes

Halloween is all tricks and treats –until someone swallows black tooth wax. We have rounded up some of the best costume mishaps you have to do everything in your capacity to avoid this year.

Put down the poster paint. Maybe you’re going as Mystique from X Men, or your boyfriend wants to be Superman but does not feel like buying a spandex unitard. Body make-up is an excellent (albeit cluttered and complicated) costume choice. Nonetheless, no matter what you do, BUY ACTUAL BODY MAKEUP! Don’t just visit the drugstore and pick up the first paint you see in the arts and crafts aisle.

Do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween? When it comes to dressing up, some people like to take it to the extreme.

Erin Nicole met up with professional makeup artist Margo Clark, who’s creating homemade looks that will get you in the spirit. Credits: Extreme Halloween makeup tips from New Orleans makeup artist …

Beware of tooth wax. “My mother bought me green face paint, a fake nose, and this black putty material you cover your teeth with to make it look like they are missing. My mom blacked out one of my two front teeth, so I looked like this amazingly busted witch. And I remember eating peanut-butter cups and noticing that one was chewier than customary…. At the conclusion of the night, I realized that my black tooth was gone–eaten along with my Reese’s.”

Do not use mascara as hair dye. If you believe that it’s wise to use the same mascara you use on your own eyelashes to darken your eyebrows, mustache, beard, etc.–in a way, you’re right. It works really, really nicely. Well, actually, that you’ll be heading to work on Monday. Beauty shops and costume sell temporary beard dye that will wash out easily with shampoo and works on your eyebrows–. Shoe polish is just another hair-dye hack you should truly prevent.

Krazy Glue isn’t for your face. I figured that this would be a well-known fact, but after a quick search online, seemingly not. Folks have thought it was great idea to use Krazy Glue to apply bald caps, wigs, ears, and mustaches. This is a horrid idea. Costume stores and professional-cosmetics shops sell adhesive (like Spirit Gum or Pros-Aide) that is OK to use on your own skin and could be dissolved with a unique remover.

Growing up doesn’t mean you have to stop caring about dressing up for Halloween. In fact, you now have the freedom to embrace all the spooky fun without worrying about your mom’s less than stellar sewing skills.

And if you know your way around a makeup kit, you can create a creepy look for yourself that won’t even require a costume to complete.  Credits: 22 Super Creepy Makeup Tricks For Halloween. – ViralNova

In case you are going to make use of spray-on hair dye, step outside. In elementary school, I purchased glitter hair spray. I sprayed it all over my head in our downstairs toilet. Almost 20 years later, there is still glitter stuck to the walls.

Tease at your own danger. “But there was zero approach to my hair teasing–I merely teased all over like crazy and needed to spend HOURS brushing it outside.” In case you are going to tease your hair, be sure not to tease the entire span, only the hair closest to your origins, and tease section by section, meaning start at the under layers and work your way to the top. That way, you get lots of volume with half the back-combing.

We’ve all been there. Sometimes we get overzealous with the eyeshadow or forget to check our teeth before we leave; either way, we’ve all been victim to makeup mishaps that have happened along the way. Credits: 5 Beauty Mistakes To Avoid — The Generation Nation


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