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The Weight Loss Fridge

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Healthy Fridge

Forget diets. That is correct, we only said it. When it is time to make a long-term change in your life–the type you will see and feel–then you should generate change from the bottom up. Among the greatest places to start is in the refrigerator. But where should your fridge rehabilitation begin?

Your fridge isn’t just a closet for food—it’s a high-tech device that helps you store all of your favorite snacks, condiments, and meal-fixings in optimal conditions. Not only do refrigerators have different compartments that serve different purposes, they also have different temperature zones. This means that if you’re storing things in the wrong place, you’re not taking advantage of the modern miracle of refrigeration. And that leads to loss of food, loss of money on wasted energy, and less desire to cook at home. Credits: How to Organize Your Fridge to Keep Food Fresh … – Women’s Health

For the healthy refrigerator oats I opted for the unsweetened version, and used coconut milk, but if a little sweetener suits your fancy, go for it! The nuts, seeds, and dried fruit all soaking up the coconut milk is delish.

My son who normally does not like raisins, or really any dried fruit for that matter happily devoured this recipe. Yes it happened to be one of those mornings he was standing at the bus stop (just outside our front door) jar in hand, scooping it up. Don’t worry it was second breakfast for him. He’s an early riser.  Credits: Healthy Refrigerator Oats Recipe (Fantastic On-The-Go Meal …

For a lot of girls, dieting calls for fixing eating habits until a particular amount of weight is lost, and then wandering back to the unhealthy habits that activated the extra weight in the very first place. Stop the diet yo yo and begin to make changes that keep you fitter and healthier for life. There is a clever measure to embrace a clean eating lifestyle.

This easy, no-cook breakfast is convenient and packed with nutrition to get you and your children’s day off to a healthy start.

Make it in individual mason jars for a perfect serving size and an easy grab-and-go breakfast straight from the fridge (it’s eaten cold). Take it along to work or anywhere. It’s also great to serve on a breakfast or brunch buffet.

Refrigerator Oatmeal is high in protein, calcium & fiber; low in fat & sugar. Credits: Refrigerator Oatmeal, A No-Cook Healthy Recipe | Jody MOW …

What’s clean eating? Believe calories, fat, sugar, and chemical additives. On a fresh apple, you will nosh with clean eating instead of artificially-sweetened applesauce.


Butter – Actual butter is among the clean eating foods which could be eaten in moderation.

Cheese – Lowfat cheese is, in addition, great in moderation. Stock up on low fat string cheese for a speedy totally-portioned bite.

Milk – Select fat free, lowfat or unflavored varieties.

Dairy Option – If you are dairy product-sensitive, stock the refrigerator with unsweetened options, like rice milk, or almond, hazelnut.


Reach for fatfree yogurt that is Greek to reap the benefits of a higher protein content than typical varieties. For a boost of nourishment and flavor, add some of home made granola, nuts, or berries. Greek yogurt is, in addition, a a more healthy option to sour cream in lots of recipes.


So load up on fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables when purchasing foods produce is a must have. Frozen is an economic option, also. If you are picking frozen, prevent choices with sauces or added sugar.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Veggies

We contained these individually because green, leafy vegetables, like spinach or romaine lettuce, are a basic for living a healthy lifestyle.


Slender Poultry

Get your omega 3s by picking shrimp, halibut, flounder, tilapia, trout, anchovies, or wild salmon.

Dunk – Clean eating dips are delicious with vegetables and fruits.


Ketchup – Change processed brands, which generally include refined sugar, for this Home Made Wholesome Ketchup outside.


Forget store bought brands with high fructose corn syrup or added refined sugar –make your own dressing that is healthful


Watch this video on “How to Organize Your Refrigerator to Eat Healthier”:



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