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You Should Know Phubbing If You Are In A Relationship Now!

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You Should Know Phubbing If You Are In A Relationship Now!

Are you in a current relationship? If you are, this article is perfect for you. If not, then it is a good information you should know.

Why? Because we will be talking about one of the many reasons why most of relationship turns into a hostile situation.

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We don’t want to always argue with our partners, right? The very reason we enter into a relationship is to share our happiness to our partner. If we always live on always fighting and arguing with each other then, it defeats the purpose of being into a relationship.

Of course, there will always be fighting but it must not always and recurring. Once you argue on something, it must be resolved right away or you both live in a seemingly tormented life environment.

So today, we will be discussing one of the reasons why partners quarrel.

Phubbing. Do you know what is it? It is a short word for phone snubbing.

Are you guilty of it?

If you are, better check this:

As per results published in the journal “Computers in Human Behavior,” not only can ignoring your partner in favor of your phone damage your relationship, it can also lead to depression and lower rates of overall life satisfaction for the, um, phubbee. So put down your phone and start paying attention to the people sitting right next to you.

In conducting their research, Professor James Roberts of Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business and his team surveyed 453 adults across the country in two separate experiments. In the first, 308 participants were asked to identify “phubbing” behaviors, asking respondents questions like, “My partner places his or her cellphone where they can see it when we are together,” and “My partner glances at his/her cellphone when talking to me.” The answers to these questions helped researchers develop a 9-item scale indicating the occurrence of phubbing.

The second experiment, which involved 145 adults, delved deeper into phubbing’s effects, as couples were asked to identify which of the behaviors they’d experienced within their relationships, and then how secure they felt in their relationships, how satisfied they were, and how anxious and/or depressed they felt as a result of their partners’ behaviors.

In a rather “well duh” sort of conclusion, Roberts found that “when people perceived their partners to be phubbers — they spend more time paying attention to their phones — that created conflict in the relationship.” What is surprising, however, is the frequency with which this sort of behavior occurs. According to survey results, 46.3 percent of respondents said they’d experienced phubbing at the hands of their significant other, and 22.6 percent admitted that phubbing led to problems in the relationship.

And even if it’s as seemingly inconsequential as looking down at your phone every once in a while, study results suggest that these few seconds start to weigh heavily on your partner’s mind, eventually contributing to an overall feeling of dissatisfaction, or perhaps inadequacy, within the relationship.

In an interview with Yahoo Health, Roberts noted, “We found that the ones that reported higher partner phubbing fought more with their partner and were less satisfied with their relationship than those who reported less phubbing.” In fact, 37 percent of survey respondents said they felt depressed at least some of the time, and much of this, authors believe, can be attributed to our collective addictions to our phones. Credits: Phubbing, Or Phone Snubbing, Leads To Relationship Issues …

So, if you feel guilty about it, please abstain from doing it unless it is really necessary – you don’t want to end up your relationship by just this simple gestures, right?

If you think your partner is doing phubbing on you, better let her read this article and discuss it with him/her afterward.

Hope we have helped you in advance for potential breakups with your partner. 🙂

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